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© 2018 Crying Time

Sept. 2019 - Honky Tonk Heaven is on hiatus while we look for a new home. There will be no more shows at the Parkway Lounge. Thanks to all the musicians, friends, and fans who helped make the past two-and-a-half years there so special!

On the second Friday of each month, Crying Time hosts Honky Tonk Heaven at the Parkway Lounge, a perfectly divey Oakland bar. Over the past year and a half, they've showcased artists like Laura Benitez and the Heartache, Nashville Honeymoon, Velvetta, the Bear Flag Trio, the Bitter Diamonds, and many more. The scene has grown into a monthly gathering place for musicians, listeners, and dancers. The drinks are strong, the music is great, and there's never a cover charge!


Jan – Lucy & the Long Haul

Feb – Bear Flag Trio 

Mar – Stadler-Gibbons

Apr – Moonshine Maybelline 

May – White Limozeen

Jun – CT + Friends

July – Nashville Honeymoon

Aug – Lisa Marie Johnston

Sept –  Sugartown

Oct – Gayle Lynn & Hired Hands

Nov – David Gans

Dec –  The Muddy Roses


Jan – Bear Flag Trio

Feb – Kevin Russell

Mar – Val Esway & El Mirage

Apr – Tom Heyman

May – Evie Ladin 

Jun – Muddy Roses

July – Two sets of Crying Time

Aug - Kneel (Neil Young Tribute)

Sep – Danny Allen

Oct - Velvetta

Nov – CT + friends

Dec – REQ’D


June – Bear Flag Trio

July – Laura Benitez

Aug – Moonshine Maybelline

Sep – Loretta Lynch

Oct – Nashville Honeymoon

Nov – Maurice Tani

Dec – Bitter Diamonds