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Release date 9/29/18

Crying Time's latest album features the band’s signature mix of originals and covers - some well known classics and others obscure jukebox numbers - honed during the band’s year-long residency at Oakland’s Parkway Lounge. Tracks include songs by artists as diverse as George Jones, Tarheel Slim, and Elvis Costello. The band’s originals echo the golden age of country music without veering into pastiche. 


Release date 2016

Our love letter to the 1970's, when country music and pop weren't so far away from each other. Six original songs mixed in with seven songs from the late sixties through the mid-seventies. Features pedal steel legend Bobby Black.


Release date 2015

Crying Time's debut release is a mix of originals and classic country tunes. Songs about love and loss, heartache, misery, and trains. Available on vinyl and cd.